Ginas new website is up and running. You can hear the first demos we recorded in the pre-production phase of our debut album “FRAMES” which you’ll get your hands on in 2016 (more infos to come). You’ll find news, personal notes and behind the scenes infos on our studio work … and by the way: you finally get to see our faces (for what it’s worth).

It’s a thrilling journey to write songs and record them. They are like babies. It’s pretty damn hard to let them go. What will the world outside think of them? Well, it’s a pretty personal thing. If someone tell’s you, they’re shit, what it actually means to you is “you are shit”. So it made me really happy, to see my babies walk on their own and that people’s reactions where so positive, warm-hearted and supportive. Thanks for that! I really appreciate that.

So, 2016 is gonna be a big year for us. I had this dream of recording my songs for so long. Now i do this with a band of people, that i not only have the highest respect for but also am happy enough to call my friends. A dream becomes reality. Even if “FRAMES” sells only four copies (girlfriend, mom, dad, sister) – i know, i’ll be proud of my baby for my whole life.

Let’s see where this journey takes us!